Ficus bonsai tree growing on an black surface.

Evergreen Bonsai Tree Species and Care


Evergreen bonsai do not shed their leaves in the fall, but as the name suggests, remain green all year round. ...

Watered akadama bonsai soil (light and dark brown).

Bonsai Soil


Bonsai trees are a unique and beautiful addition to any home or garden. These miniature trees require special care and ...

Hands repotting a bonsai tree.

Repotting Bonsai Trees


One of the ways that bonsai trees are kept small is by growing them in confined pots, where space for ...

Surface roots (nebari) on a maple bonsai tree.

Surface Bonsai Roots (Nebari) – 4 Techniques


The term nebari describes the lower trunk and exposed roots of the bonsai above the soil surface.  Nebari are important features in ...

Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree


The Satsuki azalea is a popular species of flowering bonsai.  The Satsuki bonsai is a great bonsai for the beginner ...

Literati style bonsai tree.

Literati Bonsai Style (Bunjin)


In ancient China the literati were an elite group of scholars who belonged to the ruling class. They were strongly ...

Formal upright bonsai style tree in a brown pot.

Formal Upright Bonsai Style (Chokkan)


The formal upright bonsai style, or chokkan style, is a good choice for anyone new to bonsai growing. It is a straight-forward ...

Pine Bonsai Trees – care and growing guide


The most sought after bonsai may well be the pine species. They are renowned for their splendor and majesty. A ...

Bonsai, raft style.

Raft Bonsai Style


The raft bonsai style emulates the style of a tree in nature that has toppled to the ground but still survives. ...

Two gardeners watering bonsai trees.

Watering Bonsai: the Ultimate Guide


Few aspects in the art of growing bonsai are as crucial to get right as the watering. Many a bonsai ...

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