Birch Bonsai Tree Care and Growing Guide


Birth trees are native to the temperate and cold regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Many birth species are from Asia ...

Bonsai, slanting style.

Slanting Bonsai Style (Shakan)


The slanting bonsai style, or shakan, is a popular, elegant style that which emulates the ideals of a tree in nature which ...

Informal upright bonsai tree style.

Informal Upright Bonsai Style (Moyogi)


The informal upright bonsai style, or moyogi, is a variant of the formal upright style. As the name implies, it is less ...

Repotting Bonsai – Basics


How to Repot a Bonsai Tree The objective when growing bonsai trees is to keep them small, when they are ...

Windswept bonsai tree azalea in a brown pot.

Windswept Bonsai Style (fukinagashi)


The windswept bonsai style (fukinagashi) is one of the most dramatic bonsai styles, but also one of the hardest to ...

Semi cascade style bonsai in a brown pot.

Semi Cascade Bonsai Style (Han-Kengai)


With the semi-cascade bonsai style (or han-kengai), the trunk and crown of the tree are trained downwards over the side ...

Japanese wisteria bonsai tree with bright purple blooms.

Wisteria Bonsai Care and Maintenance


Wisteria bonsai are a beautiful species of flowering bonsai. They are be prolific flowerers, but can be temperamental. Wisteria is ...

Bonsai Pests, Treatment and Prevention


Unfortunately bonsai are susceptible to pests, as all plants are. Besides looking unsightly, pest insects feed of the sap of ...

Akadama soil in a binsai tree pot.

Akadama Soil


Akadama soil has been used for growing bonsai in Japan for centuries. It is the soil of choice for serious bonsai ...

Cascade style bonsai in a brown pot.

Cascade Bonsai Style (kengai)


In the cascade style, or kengai, the bonsai trunk and crown grow downward, over the side and below the level of the ...