Ficus Bonsai Tree – care and growing guide


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Ficus bonsai tree growing on an black surface.

The ficus tree grows in tropical and subtropical regions. It is suitable to grow indoors.

This group has over 600 species with different characteristics. Some species have edible fruits are others not, so make sure you are really sure that your species is edible before consuming any fruit from your ficus tree.

This guide is also helpful for: Ficus carica, Ficus benjamina, Ficus retusa, and Ficus retusa formosanum.

Ficus bonsai tree growing on an black surface.
Ficus bonsai tree.


Ficus likes the light. It needs sun. It supports the heat, but does not like temperature variations, so protect it from drafts and do not place near doors or windows where the temperature may drop severely over night during the winter.


Maintain root dry in winter. Water moderately during the other seasons.


Avoid drafts. Remember Ficus don’t like temperature variations.


Prune the branches: Cut during the growing season the branches 2 or 3 pair of leaves whenever they have made 5 or 6.

Prune the leaves: If the ficus tree is healthy, you can prune the leaves. This will encourage new leaves to grow back that are smaller.


Repot ficus every two years in spring, or every three years for older trees.

Cut half of the roots away, and repot in a larger pot than the previous one.


Do not cut the aerial roots. Remove yellow leaves. Remove dust on the leaves with a sponge and brush the trunks


Wiring can be undertake on ficus at any time of the year. Remove the wire after 6 to 8 weeks.


A good soil for ficus is a mixture of: ½ peaty soil, ¼ river sand, ¼ loamy soil.


Feed ficus from spring through fall. In winter if the ficus is truly healthy, you can give once the fertilizer. Alternating with the liquid and solid fertilizers.


This is a indoor bonsai, never leave the tree outside when the temperature is below 55°F/ 13°C.

Pest and diseases

Fall leaves: The leaves turn yellow and fall. Avoid excess water, place in the light.

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